Yoga With Adriene

I'm a fan of efficiency. Time, these days, is hard to come by. So if there's an activity I want to participate in, I tend to just want to do the activity, and not spend a lot of time in transport to/from the activity.

I've heard over the years about the wonders of yoga. But I've always worried about finding the right instructor. I wanted to find an instructor that would show me how to get into a pose, where I'm supposed to be, so I don't have to guess.

I've tried a attending a yoga class here and there, but I'm not as much of a fan of the drop-in style of classes. I like measuring progress, starting from the beginning, improving as I go, learning as I go.

When I found Yoga With Adriene, I felt like this was a great option for me. Yoga With Adriene, is run by Adriene. She has a website and YouTube channel. I love Yoga With Adriene. This allows me to practice yoga from the comfort of my own home; I don't have to worry about spending time going to/from the yoga studio. I love the way she describes the moves, she provides great guidance for beginners like me. I also appreciate the dialogue. If the routine was just silence, I would probably get distracted very quickly. However, I feel like she provides the right amount of dialogue to keep me focused and present. 

At another level, I feel like her love of yoga and desire to share her practice with the world comes through loud and clear. She provides tons of content for free. So many of her videos include little contemplations about topics like love, patience, compassion, and more. I feel like she has clearly achieved another level through her yoga practice and can feel the passion to want to share that with others. I feel like I can relate to that feeling, as that's how I feel like with Tae Kwon Do.

Yoga with Adriene is great. If you want to work on your mind, from peace to patience, or your body, from strength to flexibility, I feel like Yoga with Adriene has a lot of offer. Try some of the routines out.