Do *your* best

This is a contemplation I wrote for class a couple years ago, I believe for Oct. 19th, 2015. I wrote it as a precursor for students who were about to go into their next belt test, in the next week. Note: At the time of writing the contemplation a couple years ago, Master Smith was Sah-bum-nim Smith, so I kept the statement as I had written it, originally.

People often ask me if it's tough being in a Tae Kwon Do class full of guys. But it doesn't really register for me. Ever since my first class in Illinois, I've felt welcome. Even though I might not be as physically strong, as tall, as whatever, as others, it hasn't held me back.

The reason is that ever since my first class, the emphasis has always been on doing *my* best. Pushing myself. I'm not told to do Sah-bum-nim Smith's best, or Sah-bum-nim Humphrey's best, all that is asked is that I do my best.

When I think of where I was at my first class to now, I know I've improved and I'm proud of that. Coming up to your belt test this week, don't forget about doing your best. Think about where you were when you started, and how you've improved over the past months. Let that confidence guide you.